York Oil and Gas is a group of companies, based in Houston Texas, with professional representative offices in Albany New York, and a network of specialist consultants worldwide.

Our business concept is to allow direct participation in oil & natural gas programs by supplying contract rights to Working Interest programs conceived and operated by our various operational partners in the United States of America.

Through a direct participation program in oil & natural gas lease Working Interests, you - our Mandator - obtain the financial benefit resulting from ownership in the development of an oil & natural gas development lease in exchange for the cost of the unit price and a percentage of future operating and production costs.

York spends countless hours in due diligence work to identify and negotiate the most attractive opportunities for its Mandators. We work closely with carefully chosen partners in oil & natural gas developments in the USA, who in themselves work exclusively with US onshore oil & natural gas developments, minimizing risk and expenditure whilst simultaneously maximizing returns for our Mandators.

Because the economic revenue from a Working Interest extends over the life of the well, the participation is designed as long-term after the initial up front payments. York’s goal is to provide its Mandators with the maximum return on their participation over a period of at least 10-15 years.

In this regard, York has established an excellent track record. Although individual returns have varied based on the specific program, since its beginning in early 1990s, York’s Mandators have enjoyed average returns well in excess of traditional investments. In fact, the York Index today stands at


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Mission Statement

York's mission is to be the link that brings together investors from around the globe with Oil & Natural Gas drilling opportunities and resource plays in the United States.